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Welcome to Vandguard Syndicate, Antigua, Pirates of the Burning Sea.

van·guard (van'gärd)   
The foremost position in an army or fleet advancing into battle
  The foremost or leading position in a trend or movement
  Those occupying a foremost position
[Middle English vandgard, from avaunt garde, from Old French :
avaunt, before (from Latin abante; see advance) + garde, guard (from garder, to guard; see guard)]

syn·di·cate (sin-di-kit)
- a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions or negotiations
- a combination of bankers or capitalists formed for the purpose of carrying out some project requiring large resources of capital
- a group, combination, or association of gangsters controlling organized crime or one type of crime, esp. in one region of the country
- a local organization of employers or employees in Italy during the Fascist regime

Society formed February 2nd, 2010.

Mission focus: Sink boats! (preferably the enemy's)
Secondary objective: Britain's economic domination
Mission first, fun always.


Rolo42x, Feb 6, 10 2:54 PM.

Why Vandguard Syndicate?  Why not stick with British Mercantile and Mercenary?

Short answer: Different strokes for different folks.

BMM is a "crafting guild", a society centred around the economy, mastering production and trade, selling goods on the auction house, and supplying Britain's Navy, all with the goal of rackin' up doubloons.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that; a strong economy is paramount to winning the map.  In fact, I highly recommend any new player join BMM to master the economy and his own finances while having a positive experience in enjoyable company.

With that being said, some wish to shift focus, for econ isn't the end-game for them, but a means to the end-game: PvP and RvR.  We've tried to establish a PvP contingent in BMM to no avail--which is good: to deviate from the group's core competency would only undermine the group's fun and purpose.

With the lack of free-market, profit-minded PvP societies, Vandguard Syndicate was created.  The synergistic side-effect we anticipate is that our free-market PvP society will provide the necessary consumption and demand for the free-market crafting society.

For more information, please see our charter (link).

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